How to reset Exadata root password

This is a little bit Linux server issue.If you’re familiar with resetting root password on Linux server,it will be easy for you.
Here the action plan:

Please note: From step 2 below all commands have to be executed on System Console (either directly sitting in front of the physical system with console screen attached or via Web Based ILOM remote console option.

1. Reboot via the ILOM either:
via the web interface:
go to “System Overview”, at “Host Power” choose ‘Power Cycle”
From ILOM web interface start remote console by going to Remote Control -> Launch Remote Console
via ssh:
reset /SYS
2. When the splash screen appears, immediately hit the ESC key. Please note, here is a short window for this , so carefully watch the terminal.
3. Select a line and enter “p” enter password > sos1Exadata —> Generally this password works
On the storage servers use the “default” entry, which is usually the first entry in the grub boot menu
4. At the grub line starting with “kernel” add at the end the following string: “single init=/bin/bash” —> Syntax is very important,please be carefull
5. Hit “Enter” key (will save changes )
6. Hit “b” key (to boot)
7. On the command line: mount -o remount,rw / (mount / in read/write mode) –> without executing this commmand,the OS is read-only mode
8. On the command line: passwd (change the password)
9. On the command line: the following command, which will avoid the requirement to reset password and expiration every 90 days:
# chage -d 14000 -E -1 -m 0 -M -1 root

10. To resume the boot process, run steps 11 and 12:
11. On the command line: mount -o remount,ro / (mount / in read-only mode, as expected by the fsck init script)
12. On the command line: exec /sbin/init (to spawn init in it’s default runlevel and resume the boot)
13. If steps 11 or 12 above fail, then run on the command line “sync” and reboot or power cycle the system.

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