Check Local Listener and Scan Listener Status 11R2

cluster-scan is scan name which is registered to DNS record.
For high avaliability and scalability,oracle recommend that you configure in DNS to use round robin issue.
Check the scan name IP’s

Check status ıf scan_listener and scan:

cd $GRID_HOME/bin
./srvctl status scan_listener
./srvctl status scan

If you need

./srvctl stop scan_listener
./srvctl stop scan
./srvctl start scan_listener.

Check the local listener status
cd $GRID_HOME/bin
./srvctl stutus listener
./srvctl status listener -n dbsrv1 -l LISTENER
./srvctl status listener -n dbsrv2 -l LISTENER

Stop the local listener,both nodes;
./srvctl stop listener
./srvctl stop listener -n dbsrv1 -l listener
./srvctl stop listener -n dbsrv2 -l listener

Always use,srvctl command dont use lsnrct command for starting or stoping

Check the services of listener
local listener:

LSNRCTL>status listener
have to listen ONLY ONE intance.
remote(scan) listener
LSNRCTL>status cluster-scan
Have to listen all intances.

Check the process of listebre on linux

ps -ef | grep tnslsnr